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We are excited about your interest in Evangel School of Ministry program! Before completing this application form, be sure to make yourself familiar with the program and what it involves; email for more details.

If you wish to sign up for one of our Bible and theology courses, follow the link below:

Please note that Bible and theology courses are just one component of ESM--signing up for the entire program would mean that you are committing to eight months of school year during which you will

1. Take all foundational Bible and theology courses.
2. Participate in all seminars and retreats (including Hearing God Seminar, Set Free retreat, Empower Retreat, and Freedom Session when available).
3. Attend Prayer Summits on a monthly basis.
4. Volunteer the total of 90+ ministry hours at Evangel (2-3 hours per week).

Please prayerfully consider which option best suits you in this season of life. The tuition for the entire program $500 and upon completion you will receive a non-acredited Certificate of Ministry Studies recognized by Evangel Chapel.

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By submitting this form, I attest that the information provided to be true to the best of my knowledge and the above questions are answered truthfully and completely.
NOTE: Please, have two references ready upon ESM director's request.
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