WillowVale: Land Of Tous Les Enfants: Designer Application

You have been hand-selected to apply to TLE based on the ability demonstrated in your designs.

We do not discriminate based on avatar personality or community gossip. Accepted designers create products that demonstrate unique creativity and thoughtful design.

All event items must be new Original mesh, new Exclusive mesh, or Semi-Exclusive mesh.

THIS EVENT RUNS FROM THE 21st OF JULY to the 21st of AUGUST and then will run every other month after that. So July, September, November, January, March, & May. (Set up will be from the 14th - the 19th at midnight)


Thank you for applying to participate in WillowVale: Land of Tous Les Enfants Event! WillowVale is looking for exceptional designers from the family and kid community to bring to life an adventure for all people!


1. For this event you need to create a BRAND NEW GACHA or ITEM with your own ORIGINAL mesh, EXCLUSIVE mesh or SEMI-EXCLUSIVE mesh. Sorry, but no common templates will be accepted at this time. If you do apply under false pretenses and you are discovered you will be immediately dropped from the event with no refund and no invitation to participate in the next round.

2. You need to understand FULLY the laws of copyright materials. Absolutely, under no circumstances will any copyright infringements be allowed. If you are caught breaking this rule it will be dismissal with no refund.

3. You need to set up on time! Because of the nature of this event, it's vital that everyone is ready and set up. We will do our best to make sure everyone gets set up one time! If for some reason you can't please let the moderators know! Then you will get a free invite into the next round :D If you don't inform anyone and miss deadlines without letting us know you wont be invited back, sorry.

4. Your items must be geared toward the family community. This means no adult or even moderate rated items. Keep it G or PG. BUT ALL AVATAR SIZES ARE ENCOURAGED! This event is for not just kids but all sizes so if you create for biggies or littles we want you! We want diversity, things for all ages and sizes, but we just ask that everything is created with the family community in mind. If something seems too mature and you are unsure, feel free to write any of the administrators with questions. We will happily point you in the right direction or let you know if it's above the maturity rating for the event. (Let your better judgement be your guide.)

5. Absolutely no intolerant behavior. Everyone has been picked or invited to this event regardless of their standing or reputation. They have been invited solely based on their talent as a designer and their contributions to the family community in SL. We have carefully sought out talented designers from all over SL! So thank you for your hard work and dedication!


Willowvale is a magical land where misfits and misunderstood creatures dwell. Guided by the Mother's Of Willowvale and the Children of Willowvale, these mystical creatures are brought to this safe haven to live out a happy existence away from the pain and mistreatment from the worlds they are from. The mission, for those who are willing to take it on, is to help the Sentinels who are lost and have crash landed in WillowVale. They are in need of power for their broken ship, which is fueled by gems. Outsiders, known in Willowvale as Dandelions, are invited to come and find gems for the Sentinels. In exchange for the gems, Dandelions are given a choice of gift(s) from the Circle of Riches! The Sentinels have set up this market of goods from the most talented creators from around the worlds as a reward for their hard work in finding the precious gems!

The Circle Of Riches:

Sponsors of the event will create an exclusive item for The Circle of Riches which are the gifts provided to the Dandelions for collecting all of their gems. Dandelions will be able to spend their gems on gifts. If you are chosen to provide a gift (this will only happen if you show interest in the application below) then you will be expected to create one EXCLUSIVE gift! This means never to be sold again in stores. In exchange for this gift you will be given a 50% discount on your entry fee.


(Introductory) PRICING - *pricing will change as the event grows*

(introductory) Designer Package: 1000L
You will be given a vendor spot in the event to place your gacha or item and your items will be listed on the website under the shopping guide.

Special Designers: People who create gifts for the circle of riches will save 50% off of their entry fee!

NOTE: Some people may be wondering. Why 1000L this is more than the average kids event. The reality is that we are only running every 2 months. This is price actually doesn't cover the cost of hosting the event. We just really really love this event. We are fully committed to it and have put so much work and heart and effort into it and we want to bring something really fun and amazing to the community!

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