Use of facilities and internship at the Ateneo Chemistry Department
The Chemistry Department at the Ateneo de Manila University conducts research in four major cluster areas:
(1) Polymer, Materials and Nanotechnology,
(2) Natural Products and Molecular Medicine,
(3) Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, and
(4) Chemistry Education & Technology.

The Department facilities and laboratories are therefore associated with these research thrusts, and are used regularly by research students of the department (thesis and project staff) or researchers working in funded projects of the department. Given the limited resources for advanced research, especially instrumentation or specialized facilities in the country, the department on occasions also host external researchers through semi-collaborative projects, contracted projects, service requests from outside of the department (public or private institutions), or for selected middle/high school-level investigatory projects.

Under the RA 10657 also known as the Chemistry Profession Act, direct supervision of a licensed chemistry may be required for some of these activities. Additionally, because there are policies and protocols related to accreditation and certification of the department (especially pertaining to laboratory safety and strict compliance with regulatory bodies such as PDEA, PNP, PRC, EMB, PAASCU, and others) hosting of researchers outside of the department has constraints and therefore necessitates evaluation.

As a general rule, for outsiders (not affiliated with AdMU Chem), permission of the Chair is needed which will be based on the following to be submitted by the requesting party:

(a) Filled out on-line application form which states the extent of request (providing as much necessary detail and schedule as possible),
(b) Formal letter of request endorsed by the supervisor (in case of middle/high-school students--by the Chair and Principal), and
(c) Filled out Waiver Form (once permission is granted),
(d) Non-disclosure Agreement (once permission is granted), and
(e) Estimated costs to be shouldered by the requesting party and/or the department (quotation from the department will be provided if permission may be feasible).

Permission may be granted based on a number of factors but not limited to the following important considerations: availability of facility/equipment, availability of department personnel, costs, schedule, hazards & feasibility, and relevance of the request. Please allow at least 2 weeks before decision can be made:

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