Center for Global Studies & Social Justice Affiliate Faculty Membership Form
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While this is not an invitation for a dual appointment at the University level and one conferring monetary compensation (at least not as things stand for now), this is, however, an invitation to be formally affiliated in a way that is recognized by the Center and University. In this capacity of recognized service to the university, you can play a central role in planning, advising, mentoring, as well as major decision-making with regard to areas that are pertinent to the Center’s purview (i.e. curriculum, funding allocations, formal partnerships, programs & activities, university policies, campus issues, future planning of GS&SJ at Avila and beyond, and so on).

Logistically speaking, members would periodically communicate in various ways in matters not requiring complex considerations and deliberation (e.g. electronic exchanges, concise and targeted meetings or gatherings). For matters requiring dialogue and deliberation, we would then gather together in some capacity and for whatever duration is necessary (e.g. single gathering on one issue for consideration and decision; a meal with dialogue followed later by a formal meeting for decision-making, etc.). Two initial guiding principles for this body are that we overwhelmingly utilize faculty time for i) ultimately arriving at decisions together, as well as ii) sustaining our independent and joint work within these areas.

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Are you willing to share your knowledge and perspective on aspects of global studies and social justice with our wider campus community?
How often do you hope to teach GS designated courses?
How often do you hope to teach Social Justice related courses?
Whether in the "Social Justice & Civic Life" Pillar, in the major, etc.
What do you anticipate to be your future scholarship commitment to areas related to global studies and/or social justice?
Which of these responsibilities will you likely engage in as an affiliate faculty member?
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Are you open to exercising your decision-making role within GS&SJ conversations, policy considerations and meetings?
About You: Please Provide Extensive Explanations & Answers
Be mindful that a multi-disciplinary body of faculty with distinct backgrounds, assumptions, experiences, etc., will read and evaluate your answers in light of i) the requirements and expectations posted above this application form, and ii) the Mission, Values & Outcomes posted under the "About" section of the CGSSJ website (i.e.
Please include a full description of your academic experiences & interests that are relevant to the requirements & expectations of CGSSJ affiliate faculty
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What significant experiences and background - whether academic or non-academic - orients and prepares you to exercise a central role in direct relation to global studies & social justice at Avila?
For example, consider your connections with various cultures, work with different languages, experience traveling or working abroad, scholarship interests, issues you are passionate about, etc.
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Final Remarks:
Include any and all information, clarifications, additions, etc., that are relevant to your application's consideration
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