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Thank you for attending the "Navigating the Norm" Town Hall. A significant purpose of this meeting is to discuss ways in which we can support one another and help our community in the event of hardship.  By completing this survey, you will also help us identify the resources that are currently available among community members and what contributions can be made to help those in need:
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Email address:
Profession & industry in which you are employed ("N/A" if you do not wish to disclose):
If you are a small business owner, please identify the name of the business or industry in which your business operates ("N/A" if you do not wish to disclose):
What resources/skills can you contribute to meet the needs of the community in the event of hardship? (Check all that apply):
If you selected "Other", please explain what other resources/skills you can contribute to meet the needs of the community that is not listed above (Type "N/A" if this does not apply to you):
Would you be interested in joining and/or governing a committee based on the area of resource(s) that you can contribute?
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What resources would you be in need of in the event of job-loss, illness, limited family support?
Please share any additional information that you believe would benefit the greater community based on your experience during this town hall event (Type "N/A" if this does not apply to you):
Please submit any questions that you may have and we will work to cover these topics during future town hall meetings:
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