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We offer you two options for starting you work with us։

Thank you for taking the time to check us out!
Services we offer range from verified reviews to Seller feedback and also scheduled giveaways.
Once we know what exactly you are looking for and we have agreed on a price, please complete the form and wait for a confirmation and a bill.
After discussion and agreement, payment is due in full in order to start working on your project. (this price includes product price, commission and our services) To place your order, we ask you to fill out the form below:
✔ The price for the “Verified Review” or ratings service provided is equal to the price of the goods + an agreed upon amount extra for the service + 8% (PayPal fee)
✔ The price for the “giveaways without review or with seller feedback ” service is an agreed upon amount per service + 8% (PayPal fee)
Distributions with coupons will cost $ 4 All prices mentioned is per purchase. 
Prices may vary starting from $6 , and can be as high as $25 and will be agreed upon a variety of things. The price depends on the product and category of the product.
Payments : 1.
Via Payoneer and Crypto
How soon will you start :
2) We get to work within 24 hours after receiving money in our account.
For example: The price of the product is $ 12, the amount of 14 pieces. ((12 + 5) +7%) * 14 = 254.66 2) Within the next days, we undertake to give all the order ID after Buying. 2.1) If one of our reviewers by mistake returned the product / Amazon canceled the order, or looses the product then we make a re-purchase. 3) We make giveaways on an agreed upon personal schedule. 4) We do not give a 100% guarantee on the review left by the reviewer, due to blocked or deleted Reviews by the Amazon administration. But if something like this happens, the buyer does a social review.
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