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Slowly coming out from Pandemic, it is the best time that one learns the basics renewing oneself, self-healing and meditation as a spiritual and wellness practice. If you are ready to join the millions of channels to make a better world, then this class is for you.


Reiki is a Japanese word that means spiritual energy. It is a Meditation, Healing, and Spiritual practice to balance our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical state.
The Reiki First Degree teaches Meditation, Precepts, Self-Healing, and Healing others. The course is a basic lesson on Reiki Healing. It deals with teaching the origin of reiki, its practice for self-healing and healing others. It also gives the attunement for the First-Degree Level.

What will you learn from the class?

1.  The Science of Energy medine
2.  The Evolution of the Concepts of Health and Healing
3.  The Human Development and the Chakras
4.  Energetic Cause of Diseases
5.  The History of Reiki
6.  The Reiki Meditation and healing techniques and practical application


1. To have a basic understanding of energy healing and energy centers and their relation to health and healing.
2. To understand Reiki – its history, principles and practice.
3. To be attuned to Reiki Level One Degree.
4. To practice Reiki Meditation, Self-Healing and Healing others.

I. The Nature of The Life Force
II. The Energy Centers
III. Reiki
a. History
b. Principles
c. Practice
IV. Attunements
V. Practice
The class will be held thru Zoom.
1 and ½ Day and additional half day for the completion after 21 days of Self-Healing.

Abundanc Exchange:
Php 5,000
Early Bird: Php 4500 until May 1, 2022
Reveiwees who has taken the course from other teachers: Php 2000
Free for those who have taken the course with Teacher Aisa
Details for payment at the Registration Link:

Anyone interested in learning reiki.
Lecture, Sharing, Discussion, Demonstration, Mentorship

For Details and other Inquiries:
You may contact Reiki Wellness Manila at or

Reiki Master Teacher:
Rev. Lilian Jarales-Hewlett known to others as Aisa will teach the Reiki Class. She has been a Reiki Practitioner since 2004 and a Reiki Teacher since 2007. Her practice of healing and meditation started when she was 8 years old and developed to be called a Cosmic Healer. She works with angels and does earth healing. She spreads her work in British Virgin Islands, USA, Hongkong and Philippines.

Aisa loves teaching and she pioneered several classes like - Reiki Professional Training, Earth Intuitive Apprenticeship Class, Soul in Trauma Series, and Angel Classes.

Aisa is an ordained Interfaith Minister, Daoist Medicine Practitioners, Certified BTB Feng shui Consultant, Reiki Master-Practitioner, Earth and Medical Intuitive, Acupuncturist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Coach, Capacitar Tools Multiplier, and Spiritual Teacher.

Among her other practices, include - acupuncture, laser therapy, consulting for stress relief, weight management and smoking cessation.

If you have studied Reiki, to review with Aisa on any classes is a precious time as she is known for additional learning, well-researched and thorough teaching.

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The Fair Energy Exchange is Php 5,000.00 (if you pay on May 2 onwards)
EARLY BIRD RATE is Php 4500 unitl May 1, 2022

Send payment to:
Account name: Lilian J. Hewlett
Account number: 00567 0349 106


Name: Gath Hewlett
Cp No.:0995 057 1772
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