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I want to be a member of 100+ Women Who Care- Fairfield County, CT
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I understand that I am making a commitment to 100+ Women Who Care- Fairfield County, CT to make an annual donation of $400 ($100 at each of four meetings per year), which will be given directly to a local charity or one of its valuable programs that serves Fairfield County, CT. *
I agree to fulfill my donation commitment even if I did not vote for the charity selected by majority vote. *
I consent to my information being stored in the 100+ WWC-Fairfield County, CT database. I understand that this information will not be sold, given, or otherwise shared with a third party without my express consent unless required by law. *
I acknowledge that there will be videographers/photographers present at 100WWC- Fairfield County, CT events. I understand that I may be included in a photo/video with or without my direct consent and grant permission ex gratia. I acknowledge that these photos and videos may be used on the internet and other public settings, strictly for educational purposes and to help spread the word about this incredible non-organization. *
If I am unable to attend a meeting, I agree to send my donation in with another member or I will make sure to get my donation to the Board prior to the event date *
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