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The email address where we can contact you directly
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The instant messenger(s) where we can contact you directly and your username(s)
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If you haven't yet, please open a support ticket on our website (, then please inform the ticket number. Future contact will be made via the ticket.
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Are you an official core member of the token team?
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Price tracking websites *
Is your coin listed on any price tracking website (for example coinmarketcap, cryptocompare, coinranking)? Send the full link to your entries if there are any, otherwise answer "none".
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Icon *
Send a link to high-resolution icons for the token (preferably in vector format like .svg and .ai, otherwise .png with at least 1000px in width)
Nonprofit / academy *
Is this project run by a nonprofit or an academy? If it is, please specify.
Organization or team *
Is this project run by an established organization rather than a token team? If it is, please specify.
Leaders' profiles *
Please send links to the public profiles of the Team Leaders.
Publication links on media *
Please send links to where your team sends publications on media.
Fundraising *
Has there even been an ICO or some other form of fundraising for this token? If there was, please specify.
Unique users *
What is your estimation of unique users?
Social followers *
How many followers do you have on social media including twitter, telegram, reddit, etc? Please provide us with the exact numbers for each one.
Wallets *
What other wallet services support this coin? Please list all you are aware of.
Exchanges *
Which exchanges support this token? Please send a link to all you are aware of.
Integration fee *
What is the fee you would pay (in BTC) to have your token integrated into Coinomi? Please note that submissions with too low fees will not receive a response.
Base chain *
Specify which blockchain your token is based on
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