Camp Curiosity 2019 Workshop Pitch
On Friday, March 15th, Senior Years educators and learners will be coming together to engage in a conversation about how we design learning experiences with intention. And we want YOU and your learners to tell us about an experience that you had where deep learning occurred!

We are asking educators to pitch a workshop whereby you not only speak about a profound learning experience and its design, but also engage participants in a mini-lesson associated with this experience. If you are unsure of what a workshop might be based on, think about this:

When was a time when you and a group of learners dove deep in content, developed powerful relationships, and where a joy and thirst of knowledge translated into growth and transformation? Think about when your learning community was completely jacked about learning and what did this look, smell, and feel like?

If you are still unsure, please contact Matt Henderson at Camp Curiosity will be a time to share and connect with Senior Years educators so that we can begin to glean from and inspire each other. We want to hear all about the incredible learning and teaching going on in your classroom, club, lab, studio, court, circle, shop, office, trail, lake, farm, sensory deprivation tank etc.

Sessions will be approximately one hour in length and will be for 20-30 participants.

Deadline for pitches is December 14th at 4:00 pm.
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