Museums and contested history. Saying the unspeakable in museums.
Organisators: ICOM Czechia, ICOM Austria, ICOM Slovakia
Place: Czech Republic, Moravian Gallery in Brno
Date: 22.-24.11.2017
Konference se koná díky finanční podpoře ICOM a Ministerstva kultury. Conference is supported by ICOM and Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic
Anotace / Annotation
History is often perceived differently as it is a vital tool for defining a given people's identity, and each of us defines ourselves through important and fundamental historic events. How museums display and depict contested histories and traumatic memories shows if and how we are able to interpret events the particular society does not necessarily take pride in or would even prefer to erase from its history. Museums therefor can provide an opportunity to show different persprectives and to encourage visitors to think beyond their own individual experiences.

The forthcoming conference is expected to focus on interpretative attitudes of today’s museum professionals to those periods of history that are broadly perceived negatively or “rather negatively” or controversially by the public for whatever reason.

1. Instrumentalization of Museum in Interest of Politics / Instrumentalizace muzea v zájmu politiky
2. Museums as Venues of Memory and Reconciliation / Muzeum jako místo smíření
3. Remembering our Humanity / Humanita v muzeích
4. Destiny of Famous People Museums / Osudy muzeí osobností
5. Is it Not to Succumb to Sentiment? / Lze nepodlehnout sentimentu?
6. Social Topics and Anthropology / Sociální témata a antropologie /
7. Musealization of Museum / Muzeum jako dokumentační a vědecké středisko

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