Good for The Caribbean
Do you know a person, group or organization that represents what it means to be good for the Caribbean? For us at Bene Caribe, Good for the Caribbean means that the individual, group or organization is representing hard for the Caribbean (regardless of whether they live in the Caribbean or not).

What does "representing hard" mean? These individuals, groups and organizations "representing hard" may be leaders in the diaspora, or might steer clear of the spotlight and be quietly giving back to their communities. Perhaps they are working on social causes, supporting economic empowerment in their communities, building social enterprises, or running their businesses with such professionalism that you have a ton of respect for them as entrepreneurs.

Age and experience means little. We want their story as long as they are using their talents and time to promote positive Caribbean culture and messaging to the masses. We want people who are constantly promoting a positive image for themselves and leaving a lasting impression of what it means to be Caribbean anywhere in the global Diaspora.

Did our description help jolt your thoughts on a couple people? Nominate an individual, group or organization that is "Good for the Caribbean". We'd love to feature them on our blog.

Nominate as many people as you'd like, and we'll only share your information as the nominator with them if you ask us to.

Nominees will be featured on our blog at

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