Drug/Alcohol Testing Acknowledgement
As a parent or guardian of a minor student in grades 7th - 12th, who is enrolled in Redwater ISD and participating in extracurricular activities or as a volunteer to the drug/alcohol testing program, I hereby agree to the following:

I understand the school district’s policy regarding substance abuse. I understand that if he/she gives a biological specimen, herein it will be tested for drugs and/or alcohol. I understand that the giving of biological specimen, herein requested by the district, is a condition of my child’s continued participation in extra-curricular activities.

I understand that if a test of my child’s specimen reveals an unexplained presence of a drug and/or alcohol, the district will suspend my child from participation in extracurricular activities for 30 days.

I authorize the officers, employees and agents of the designated third party testing agency (to be designated by the district) and the district to communicate among themselves for official purposes, my child’s drug and/or alcohol test results both orally and in writing, and to communicate such test results at any district administrative proceeding. I require the results to be communicated to me prior to any district administrative proceedings or suspension from participation.
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