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Please complete this Order/Registration Form to begin the process of having your custom Operator Website or Websites constructed, processed and setup by FTW Sites today!

Filling out this form accurately is very important as we use this information to setup your site properly :)

**If you are an Operator or work for an Operator that is multi-unit, you must complete this form for ALL of your restaurant locations that you want to have setup**

Once we receive your form, we will contact you usually within an hour, but in case we are busy with clients, we will respond by EOD, each and every day! We strive to have the best customer service around!! :)

Please visit www.cfarobinson.com to view the General Website and please know your website will be originally setup to look just like this, but with your information! You are free to edit your FTW Site to your liking after we turn the keys to the car over to you!! :)

Any questions or need help?

Please email us directly at: info@cfasites.com
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What is your Restaurant location name? (ex. Chick-fil-A Robinson)
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What is your current General Restaurant website URL? (ex. http://www.cfarestaurant.com/robinson and/or http://www.cfarobinson.com)
What is your Facebook URL? (ex. http://www.facebook.com/ChickfilARobinson)
What is your Instagram URL? (ex. http://www.instagram.com/CFARobinson)
What is your Twitter URL? (ex. http://www.twitter.com/CFARobinson)
What is your Jobs/Careers page URL? (ex. http://www.cfarobinsonjobs.com)
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What is the Email address that is listed on your website or that you would like to use for the general public to contact your Restaurant? (ex. info@cfarobinson.com)
What is the Email address that you would like to use to login to our Admin portals to edit your sites, email lists, event calendars, etc. (ex. anna@cfarobinson.com)
What are the operating hours of your Restaurant? (ex. 6:30 am - 10 pm)
How long has your Restaurant been serving your community? (ex. 15 years)
Do you have an email mailing list you use to send out email blasts?
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Where is your email mailing list stored? (ex. Foundry)
Does your Restaurant own any domain names? Please list all domains that you own. (ex. www.cfarobinson.com, www.cfarobinsoncaters.com, www.cfarobinsoncatering.com)
Do you want a "Spirit Event Form" on your website?
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