ATAI Spring 2020 Pre-proposal Form
If you plan to submit a proposal to ATAI's Spring 2020 round of grant-making, have one person per research team submit this form by Monday, 24 February 2020. Following this submission, please kindly proceed to preparing your full application materials outlined in the RFP, which are due at 5:00pm PT on Monday, 23 March 2020.

RFP Link:

Submitting this form should take only 5-10 minutes, and allows ATAI staff to check that your planned proposal submission meets the most basic requirements (e.g. there is at least one J-PAL, CEGA, or ATAI invited affiliate on your research team) and is likely to be classified correctly (application type).

You will not be held to, or scored on, the details of what you submit here. The form is required because it streamlines the submission, review, and award process for everyone.

If you have questions, you may reach out to
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Please coordinate with your team to submit one form per anticipated proposal to help us avoid duplicate submissions
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Please note: there must be at least one J-PAL, CEGA, or ATAI invited affiliate among your research team, who commits to remaining involved in the research over its lifespan.
Which application type do you plan to submit? *
Please refer to the detailed Proposal Guidelines in the RFP to determine the best fit for your proposed research
In what Sub-Saharan African or South Asian country will your study take place? *
In one sentence, please state your research question. *
What intervention(s) are you planning to evaluate, and what context are you working in?
You can skip this if it's obvious from your previous responses. No more than a couple of sentences, please, the rest can go in your proposal
Which agricultural transformation theme(s) is your research relevant to? *
These are described in detail in the Framing Paper and RFP package materials
Is this proposal a follow-up, building on past ATAI-funded research? *
(inspired by findings from an evaluation or pilot for which ATAI previously provided you funding)
If you answered Yes, which ATAI project is this building off of?
You're welcome to provide any brief additional comments about your form responses, or questions for us, here.
Only a few sentences, maximum please. If you have more detailed questions for us or information to share, you're welcome to email our staff team at at any time
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