MIOT 2018-19 Parent Survey on Teaching

You can choose to answer all questions or some questions in the form. Your input will be strictly kept within the MIOT admin team for the purpose of school improvement. Thank you for helping us in making MIOT better.
请分享你对中文学校管理和教学的意见和建议。Please share with us any comment/suggestion you have regarding school management or teaching. 如果需要我们和您联系,请留联络方式。If you want us to contact you, please leave us your contact information.
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老师能够激发学生学习中文的兴趣 Teacher Inspires student's interest in learning Chinese (5=Strongly agree非常同意, 1=Strongly disagree 完全不同意)
课堂教学互动性强,活动有趣,吸引学生 Class presentation is interactive and activities interest students (5=Strongly agree非常同意, 1=Strongly disagree 完全不同意)
老师备课充分,投影课件丰富多彩 Teacher is well prepared for teaching with high quality PPT slides (5=Strongly agree, 1=Strongly disagree)
课堂纪律良好 Teacher maintains a disciplined learning environment (5=Strongly agree, 1=Strongly disagree)
老师在课堂教学中体现出对学生的关心和尊重 Teacher shows her care of and respect for students. (5=Strongly agree, 1=Strongly disagree)
老师认真批改学生作业,给学生反馈以帮助学生进步 Teacher handles students' homework diligently. (5=Strongly agree, 1=Strongly disagree)
老师设计的测试题与课本教学内容和水平要求相符合 Teacher designs assessments (quiz and test) that is relevant to and in line with textbook requirement. (5=Strongly agree, 1=Strongly disagree)
老师与家长保持良好沟通 Teacher communicates with parents regularly. (5=Strongly agree, 1=Strongly disagree)
老师无迟到现象 Teacher always arrives at classroom on time. (5=Strongly agree, 1=Strongly disagree)
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