2019 Spring Conference Call For Proposals Deadline Friday, March 1st
Please fill out the fields below about the workshop you propose to present.
All sessions are 45 minutes.

These workshops will be offered in the afternoon at 1:35 or 2:25.

Conference Location: Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK
Conference Date: Saturday, April 13th 9:00 - 3:45


OFLTA's focus this conference is continuing our study of ACTFL's High Leverage Teaching Practices. Workshops should tie into 1 of the 6 High Leverage Teaching Practices.
( click here to view the HLTP: https://www.actfl.org/publications/books-and-brochures/enacting-the-work-language-instruction-high-leverage-teaching-practices)
OFLTA is committed to supporting world languages teachers by providing quality professional development opportunities. The goal for our conference sessions is to equip teachers to increase their students’ proficiency in the target language(s) through the following:

· Understanding of second language acquisition theories

· Teaching methodologies and activities that support teachers in providing students with comprehensible input

· Performance-based activities and assessments

· Standards-based lessons

· Using authentic resources in the classroom

. Advocacy

. High Leverage Teaching Practices (ACTFL)

Please consider sharing your successful experience and expertise in these areas with your world language teaching colleagues by submitting a proposal to present at our conference.

Note that all presenters must be members of OFLTA and must also register for the conference. Both may be done at www.oflta.org

Please fill out the form for each session you propose to present. If you are co-presenting, only one person from your group needs to fill out the form, but include full contact information for all presenters.

At the end of the conference, please make your presentation available to Jasmin Cook, our Social Media Chair, to be published on our website and our closed Facebook group "OK World Languages".

If you have any questions about this conference please contact our Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Whitney Stafford-Najibi, and she will get your question to the correct board member.

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We appreciate your willingness to present at the OFLTA Spring Conference on April 13th at Oral Roberts University You will be contacted about your presentation after our March 1st deadline for proposals. Please make sure that you have provided us with your contact information. If your situation changes, please contact Lynn Robertson at
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