How does tutorial centre affect teenagers’ lives? 補習社如何影響青少年的生活?
I am a F.5 secondary school student. I am currently studying how does tutorial centre affect teenagers’ lives for academic purpose. The data collected will be kept confidential and will be destroyed after completion of the report. Please spend a few minutes to answer the following question. Thank you!
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1. Many people go to tutorial centre. 很多人去補習社
2. Things learnt in tutorial centre is more useful than those in day schools. 在補習社學到的比在日校的更有用
3. Going to tutorial school is a norm. 去補習社是正常現象
4. Tutorial classes is necessary to get good result in public exam. 要拿到好成績就一定要去補習社
5. Going to tutorial centre can improve academic result. 去補習社可以改善學業成績
6. Going to tutorial centre wastes a lot of time. 去補習社很浪費時間
7. Going to tutorial centre increases financial burden. 去補習社增加經濟負擔
8. Tutorial classes is a supplement of normal lessons. 補習班是正常課堂的補充
9. Students go to tutorial school due to their poor academic performance. 學生是因為學業成績而去補習社
10. Students go to tutorial school because of peer pressure. 學生是因為朋輩壓力而去補習社
11. Students go to tutorial school so that they they can learn more. 學生去補習社來獲取更多知識
12. Students go to tutorial school so that they can make more friends. 學生去補習社來結識朋友
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