Pipeline Fighter Hub Survey
Are you currently fighting a pipeline in your community?

Provide as much detail as you can about the proposed project, and who in your community is ready to step up and get involved.
What is the name of the pipeline project proposed in your community, and which corporation(s) are backing the project? *
How long have you or your group/community been organizing against the pipeline project? *
What is the expected timeline or schedule for the pipeline permitting process? Key dates? *
Are you in touch with other local, state/regional or national organizations opposed to the pipeline? Which groups? *
How much coordination exists between you/your group and other groups opposed to the pipeline project? *
What kind of expertise or assistance in fighting the pipeline would be most helpful for you and your community? (Check all that apply) *
The Pipeline Fighter Hub will only become a valuable resource if communities fighting pipelines tell us what resources they need, and how we can be most helpful to them. Please tell us what kinds of information, resources, and hands-on assistance would be most helpful to you and your community. *
Anything else you'd like to tell us about your work as a Pipeline Fighter?
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