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Hello! We’re so glad you are interested in working with us! The McElroy House is a membership and volunteer based organization working to provide spaces where we can can reach across the divides of racial, economic, religious, and various boundaries and stand in solidarity with other peoples through the inter-relatedness of our lived experience. We strive to promote and uphold human and ecological equality and equity in rural and small towns where these conversations and solutions are not often (yet) found. We stand in solidarity with low income communities and strive to honor local cultures while building local solutions to local concerns.

Building change for the long haul is messy, imperfect, and not isolated from ourselves as complex people. The McElroy House is a place where we encourage people to show up as their full selves. We are all learning together. Together, we can make the road by walking. So, let's work together!

Please let us know a little bit more about you and your interests. If you're wanting to work with the McElroy House as a class internship, please contact Meredith at 479-957-0551.

Volunteers and Members Grow Our Gardens, Work With Our Diaper Bank, Host Skill Shares, and Create Space for Community Learning and Sharing Across Divides.
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People Are Beautiful and Complex and Can't Be Described In a Short Form. But, With That Said, Tell Us A Little About Yourself!
One of Our Core Goals Is to Pool Resources and Share Skills. What are Some Skills You Could Bring and Would be Willing to Share? (This could include anything from caregiving to grant writing to plumbing, auto maintenance, translation, film making, you name it)
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We Recognize Time as a Valuable Resource Worthy of Deep Respect. Let Us Know How Often You'd Like to Work With Us!
We are a grassroots organization seeking to generate as many resources locally as possible. Membership and donations allow our work to thrive. Membership fees are based on a sliding scale from 25.00-10.00 a year. In many instances, membership can be paid in volunteer hours. Are you interested in membership?
We want to respect your time. Please read our Volunteer Agreement: We recognize one another's time as an essential resource, worthy of deep respect. We work to promote equity in all forms, and ask that no one in our organization takes on more work than feels right. We work to honor one another's time and skills by working in partnership and being accountable to one another and the larger communities we serve. If we commit to a certain event or deadline, to the best of our abilities we will follow through. If something comes up and we can not, we promise to let other members and volunteers know as soon as possible so someone else can step up. Asking for help will never be seen as a weakness or something worthy of judgement. Asking for help, and offering help, is the backbone of what we do. We recognize that building a better world starts at home and in our interactions with one we will strive to be honest, accountable, and loving and treat one another the way we would wish to be treated.
We Need Help Spreading the Word About Our Programs and Events! Would You'd Be Willing to Share Our Events Online and By Word of Mouth?
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