Yukon Riverside Arts Festival 2021 - Call for Proposals
The Klondike Institute of Art & Culture is seeking proposals for the creation and presentation of new work in all mediums at the 21st Annual Yukon Riverside Arts Festival taking place August 13 – 15, 2021 in Dawson City, Yukon. The call is open to Yukon and regional (NWT/Atlin) artists and collectives at any stage of their artistic practices.

We invite artists, crafters, creatives, and collectives to propose projects in the realms of exhibitions, workshops, cultural events, art installations, performances and performance art, broadcasts, literature, filmmaking, new media, artists talks, demonstrations, studio visits, collaborations, and more. We welcome whatever shape, duration, platform, and mode of distribution you imagine your project taking. Dream and scheme and tell us what you would like to do. Projects large and small will be considered though they must adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

Proposals will be juried. All accepted proposals will receive equitable presentation fees based on the scope of the project and standards of each medium. Additionally, KIAC will offer photographic documentation of each project, online promotion for artists, and an online exhibition of all festival artwork at www.yraf.ca.
Participating artists are responsible for any costs associated with the creation of their work.
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What would you like to do or create? How will you do it? How will people engage with your project (will be online? In person? On the radio?) Please be clear and concise. Explain what resources and experience you have to make your project a reality.
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Please provide a short bio that may be used in promotional materials. Optionally, feel free to include a CV or resume
Please provide a link to all of your artistic social media accounts that may be used in promotional materials, and/or a link to your website.
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Location Requirements *
Artists are expected to obtain and provide proof of permission with the owners and opportunities of properties and venues. Please outline how you will adhere to physical distancing measures and protect public safety. Examples of locations from 2020 include: CKS Recycling Depot, Dredge Ponds, the Dome, Parks Canada Sites and Buildings, Riverfront/Gazebo, etc.If you do not have a venue secured, please explain how you envision the presentation of your project. KIAC may be able to assist with venue coordination.If your event is virtual, in print, on the radio or otherwise non-physical, please explain.
Tech Requirements *
Please summarize the technical and logistical needs of presenting your project. Artists are expected to provide all supplies and tech associated with the presentation of their project. We want to know what this looks like.Do you need power? Will you need a street closure permit? Does your project require advance set-up? Will you need to rent equipment for the presentation? Will you have volunteers? Will you be presenting your project virtually on a website? Is it weather-dependent?
Covid safety *
Outline how you will adhere to physical distancing measures and protect public safety.
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