Graduation Survey
Please complete this questionnaire and submit as soon as possible. Your response will be of benefit to the future Beck nursing programs. Your name and contact information is needed to ensure exit information is accurate and has not changed over the course of this program . Thank you for taking the time to assist in advancing our program. If you would like to be contacted regarding any questions or comments, please note this in the comments section at the end of the survey.
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What is your middle name? If you do not have a middle name, please fill in N/A.
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Did you attend the CNA or PN program?
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What month, day and year did you complete the program?
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Please enter your Primary Phone Number here. If your cell phone is your primary number, please enter that here. ONLY USE NUMBERS, NO (-) DASH MARKS!
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Have you taken the NCLEX exam?
Passed *
If you have taken the NCLEX, did you pass?
When *
When did you pass the NCLEX exam? If you have not taken the test, or have not passed it, please enter "N/A".
Plans *
If you did not pass the NCLEX, do you plan to retake it? If this does not pertain to you, please enter "N/A".
Times *
How many times did you take the NCLEX exam before you passed it? If you did not pass the test, please choose "N/A".
Employment *
Are you employed in the medical field?
Wage *
What is your hourly wage?
Status *
What is the status of your current employment?
Hours *
How many hours, per week, do you work?
Shift *
What is your work shift?
Practice *
What is your primary area of nursing practice?
Search *
How long was your job search?
Work *
Where are you employed? Please indicate name and address.
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Duties *
What are your job duties? (I.E. med pass, treatments, wound care, tube feedings, charting etc.)
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Professional *
Do you belong to a professional organization?
Location *
If you belong to a professional organization, please list the name and address of the organization. If this does not pertain to you, please enter "N/A".
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Education *
Are you continuing your education?
Pursuit *
If you are continuing your education, what will you be pursuing?
Satisfied *
Were you satisfied with the educational program at Beck School of Nursing?
Prepared 1 *
Do you feel your education adequately prepared you for your job?
Prepared 2 *
Do you feel your education adequately prepared your for the NCLEX?
Demands *
Do you think you were adequately advised about the demands of the program before you entered?
Help *
Do you think that counseling or other help was readily available?
Available 1 *
Was the Nursing Faculty readily available?
Available 2 *
Was the Student Services faculty readily available? IE: Main office
Available 3 *
Was the Financial Aid Faculty readily available?
Available 4 *
Were the Administrators readily available? IE: School Director, PN Director
Clinical *
Do you think the amount of clinical practice provided in the nursing program was adequate?
Loans *
Have you begun repayment on your student loans obtained at Beck School of Nursing?
Experiences *
How would you rate your clinical experiences during your nursing program in preparing you for your current job?
Reading *
How prepared were you in READING to take college level courses that were required in the nursing program?
Language *
How prepared were you in LANGUAGE to take college level courses that were required in the nursing program?
Math *
How prepared were you in MATH skills to take college level courses that were required in the nursing program?
Comments *
Please include any additional comments that will assist us with the evaluation process to make the school the best it can be.
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Advice *
What advice would you give to future graduates? If you have none, please enter N/A
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Change *
List ONE thing you would change about your experience at Beck School of Practical Nursing.
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