Interview Application for ReVamp Esports
Hello and welcome to ReVamp Esports!

ReVamp's mission is to grow the organisation to not only be a League of Legends based organisation but also have CSGO and Overwatch teams in the near future. We are wanting to stand out and announce ourselves to all of Australia and hopefully soon be one of or the biggest organisation in OCE. We want to change, and give a new appearance to esports in Australia to expand the future of young, experienced and old competitive players by example. We currently have 7 teams in League of Legends and will be introducing new and exciting news in the future so stay tuned at:


ReVamp Esports stands and supports everyone who wants or hasn’t had an opportunity to become a better player regardless of their end goal is professional, or just better at League of Legends. ReVamp less worries about the result, winning is good but learning is better. We strive and thrive on learning and learning is our main goal each game because winning will come in time but we are here to win.

ReVamp Esports embraces a non-toxic environment for the teams and encourages teammates to encourage one another during bad times in game and out. ReVamp believes more than just giving an organisation to represent, but a moral to stand behind. ReVamps moral is that we believe in standing by your friends, teammates and all that are loyal to you in their times of need. We care about creating friendships, relationships and even long term friendships and we are going to continue this legacy for many years to come.

We are a non-toxicity based organisation, we do not tolerate any form of toxicity towards teammates inside of ReVamp.

This document needs to be 100% accurate and truthful.

Any incorrect information that you have provided that is not accurate with what you have said in this document, will result in consequences ranging from being benched for an amount of time, to complete expulsion from ReVamp Esports.

This application does not guarantee you a position in ReVamp Esports or any sort of affiliation with ReVamp Esports.

Discord + Microphone
Active on League of Legends 4 nights a week minimum (3 nights = training days, 1 night = tournament night)
- 9 games minimum per week (e.g. 3 games with team per training day minimum)
- 5 games minimum Solo Queue / Flex queue a week
- Thursday 5/6PM AEST +
- Available one night a week for reviews with coaches to review games

We recommend your training nights with your team to be played in flex 5v5 queue.

The reason these requirements are set in place are to make sure the standard among all teams. We strive to be strong competitors and we encourage everyone to wanting to represent a stable group of people who desire the same thing.

Are you 18+ / out of high school?
What is your IGN? (In game name)
What is your Discord link? (e.g Player#1234)
Tell us about yourself, name and location and hobbies (e.g James, Brisbane, Piano/Rugby Union, long walks on the beach etc.) *
What has been your highest rank? (e.g Platinum 1 S8) *
Whats your Solo Queue and Flex Rank currently? (e.g S=Platinum 4 / F=Silver 1) *
How long have you played for? (e.g Season 5) *
What role do you main? *
What is your secondary role? *
Have you played League of Legends competitively before? *
If YES, to the last question, provide your previous experience below
What are your strengths? *
What are your weaknesses? *
Have you received any punishments in League of Legends within the past 2 years? (Chat restrictions, 7/14 day bans and permanent bans) *
If YES to the previous question, what was the ban for and when was it?
What makes you the best possible applicant and person for ReVamp? *
Do you understand the commitment needed to be apart of ReVamp? *
Do you understand the consequences for not being active / being unreasonable with your availability? *
Will you be willing to promote ReVamp Esports via sharing Facebook posts, re-tweeting posts and YouTube videos from ReVamp Esports? *
Would you be interested in purchasing ReVamp jerseys / other ReVamp merch (contact Prym for more information) *
Were you invited from a team from ReVamp? if so which one *
If management is not convinced that you are appropriate for ReVamp - Do you understand the full terms and conditions and consequences? *
How did you find this application?
Feedback for the application?
How did you find this application? (Twitter, friend, Facebook post etc)
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