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Gentle Transitions is thrilled to be able to serve so many families in the CU area. As involved members in our community, we love to be able to refer our clients to local businesses that we can trust to take the best care of our clients, and who we know uphold the highest standards. When we refer clients to other services, it reflects back on us. As such, we are selective of the businesses that we refer to. Are you interested in becoming a Community Business Partner? Read on!
As a Community Business Partner, we ask that you:
*become acquainted with the services that we offer, so that you can easily refer potential clients to us. We commit to doing the same for you! If you are interested in giving our referred clients a discount/coupon for your services, that is welcomed but certainly not required.
*have been in business for at least a year, and have an *active* business serving families in the CU area (meaning you are not just starting out, but regularly provide services for your clients).
*attend at least 1 of our hosted events each year. Our biggest events each year are the Growing Families Expo in the spring, and the Birth Options night in the fall. We also host "Meet the Team" nights and various other events that we welcome and encourage our Community Partners to attend.
*Consider hosting one of our Resource Meetings throughout the year, and/or consider doing a blog post for our blog.

If you feel that you can adequately meet these requirements, please fill in the information below. Thank you!

Business Name
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Contact Phone
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Contact Email
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Please describe your business in 200 words or less (for social media and marketing purposes)
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Will you be offering any type of discount or coupon to clients who we refer to you?
If yes, please describe:
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Why do you want to be a Community Business Partner?
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Thank you!
We will be reviewing potential business partners, and will be updating and including new business partners on our website by January 1st. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know!
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