IMPRINT-Healthcare Projects: Pre Call-for-Proposal Workshop Documentation
This is for profiling interest and background and not to be evaluated as EoI or short proposal. All IMPRINT Projects are to come up with ready-to-transfer technology of product / process. Submission due January 04, 2016, 2 pages (Maximum 4 pages, if it is necessary to exceed 2 pages). For any query, please visit
Team *
Name, affiliation of all members of the team and full contact details of the member making submission on behalf of the team.
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Description *
Title of the technology proposed to be developed and keywords, deliverables with timeline. (Please DO NOT give methodology details. This is not a documentation that would be evaluated.)
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Need *
Why is this technology development proposed? How the issue is currently solved? Will proposed technology add more value to existing solution, cut down cost, both, any other? What technology barrier will it cross?
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Referencing *
Please list some significant references for the work done in this area. For literature citation, please follow IEEE standard. For patents, please give patent no., date and country of filing (one country, if filed in many countries).
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Hosting *
Name the place(s) where the project will be executed in full or parts. Please list some significant facilities, reusable tools, available in those place(s) from earlier R & D that can be used in the project.
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Background *
Please give relevant background of key members of the team proposing the technology development, few of their earlier significant work in this or allied field, if any.
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Support required *
Please list key support required for developing the technology: manpower, equipment, software license, consumable etc. (Please DO NOT give justification.)
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Technology Transfer *
Please name some industries that may support the project in cash, kind or both and/ or may want transfer of the developed technology.
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Ministry Involvement *
Please name some Govt. Ministry / Dept. who may be interested in the outcome of this project.
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