MIT AgeLab Vehicle Study
We are currently running a study looking at how drivers use technologies and behave in vehicles. The study involves being given a new, high-end vehicle to drive for roughly 4 weeks in place of your own vehicle. While you are using the vehicle, we will be collecting information from the car. The vehicle has been instrumented with several cameras and will record the forward roadway, dashboard, instrument panel, and the driver’s face. Other installed data logging equipment will capture audio, acceleration data, GPS position, and a wide array of vehicle telemetry (velocity, wheel position, state of alarms and active safety systems, etc.). Data recording may occur at any time, i.e. when the vehicle is on or off.

The study will involve three in-person appointments. The first appointment will take place before you receive the vehicle; you will complete a pre-experiment questionnaire and we will complete a background check and driving record check to ensure that you meet the participation requirements for this study. This first appointment will last approximately 1 hour. If you meet the study requirements, we will contact you to schedule the second appointment, where you will receive the vehicle and be trained on the technologies in the vehicle. This second visit will last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions. After about four weeks, we will schedule the third appointment, where you will return the vehicle and complete a post-experiment questionnaire and interview. This last appointment will last approximately 1 hour.

Non-monetary compensation includes use of the vehicle for the duration of participation in the study, coverage of all highway, turnpike and bridge tolls incurred during the study that are payable and paid by a E-ZPass provided in the vehicle, and a full tank of premium gas is provided when you receive the vehicle. You will also be compensated $50 when the interview has been completed.
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