Canada Day Sunday Across Ottawa - Sunday, June 30, 2019! Book a visit from the Canada-festooned Merry Dairy truck!
Could there be a better combination than a Canada Day long weekend and the long-awaited arrival of summer?

Maybe you're holding a get-together with a few friends, a shindig with a few more, or you a neighbourhood bash, fill in this short form to reserve your place and time for The Merry Dairy truck to visit your location of choice in Ottawa and join in the Canada celebration, along with a minimum $25 pre-paid order in the form of a Merry Dairy gift certificate to seal the deal.

The Truck will have soft serve, scoops and Merry Dairy pops available, including non-dairy options, for regular sale.

How long with the truck visit? See the form below. Each visit is about 10 minutes. You will be contacted to confirm a time, once a confirmation of deposit purchased is received. If we are unable to commit to your selected times, for example, due to distance or competing times, you can have your deposit refunded :)

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Canada Day is everywhere!
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