IN BLOOM Full Mentorship x Yaeltex
Hi! You can become a selected artist for a full scholarship (100%) at In Bloom.
We welcome submissions up to September 1st. We'll announce the winners on September 10th.

  • English will be spoken
  • All sessions will be hosted on Zoom and they won’t be recorded. Presence is key.
  • The 10 sessions that comprise this Full Mentorship will take place every Wednesday at 6 PM CET, starting on September 27th.
You can find more information about the program here:

About Circle of Live / In Bloom:
Circle of Live is a live-acts-only event series concept, educational platform and a record label, honouring the values of spontaneity and improvisation. It was founded by Sebastian Mullaert & Starling Works.

About Yaeltex:
Yaeltex is a custom MIDI controller boutique brand based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, whose products are used by music, video and lighting artists.
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Collecting data on the diversity of applicants is important to help us gain a better understanding of where there may be inequalities and barriers to opportunities and to progression – a necessary step in working towards a more inclusive and representative community.
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