2021 Toponyms gazetteer User Survey


we are reaching out to the users of toponyms services to find out what your experiences have been in using them. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide a sustainable service we kindly ask you to fill out this short survey.

To find out how to improve our service efficiently, the questions posted in this survey cover the possibilities toponyms provides and, most importantly, what exactly you think can be improved.

Taking part in this survey is completely voluntary. Your decision whether to take part or not, as well as your provided information, will in no way affect your individual access to our services.

The survey will run until 05.09.2021.

Thank you for participating!

Toponyms Gazetteer Team https://map
what type of user in regard to the use of the toponyms gazetteer service would you identify yourself?
what field of work/study do you use mapearth for?
Please give a brief description, about the primary use case that you used mapearth for. Specifically your description should have answers to the following question:
what was/ is the purpose of using our service(s)?
Which functionality of the service have you used/do you use for your application/work?
What were/are the (research) questions that you tried/are trying to answer with the help of our service(s) ?
How did you initially find out about mapearth toponyms gazetteer? *
What made you choose mapearth toponyms gazetteer for your project? *
Which of our mapearth services do you make use of? *
Which of the following is more important to you? *
a low processing time
a power user interface
How satisfied are you with the following aspects regarding functionality and service uptime? *
Very satisfied
Very disatisfied
Have you been using other related services provided by other service? *
Please answer the following questions regarding toponyms gazetteer services: *
What do you like most? *
What do you think could be improved? *
What new features would you like to see in the future? *
Overall, how would you rate mapearth's toponyms gazetteer? *
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