thething 2022 speaker application
thething 2022 will feature a variety of events, from longer lectures to discipline-specific round tables. If you are unsure about the expectation or format of any of these speaking opportunities, feel free to get in touch with us at - we would like to welcome speakers of all experience levels and expertise within games. You got something to say? chances are we wanna hear it! We look forward to hearing from you <3
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What kinda topic(s) do ya wanna talk about? (This is where your lecture description, round table category, panel topic and possible participants, and workshop focus can go if you have one)
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If you have spoken before, and have it available, please link to a youtube or example of your speaking experience here:
While we cannot yet guarantee that we will be able to find funding for compensating our speakers, it is very high on our priority list (right after paying for the locale and food/coffee) - what type of compensation would you like for speaking?
Would you require help and compensation for transportation and hotel?
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if yes, where are you traveling from?
Did you attend the first thing in 2020??? :D
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We thank you for taking the time and effort to fill out this form, and will get back to you before the end of october with details regarding your suggested role and speaking responsibilities at thething2022. We hope you have a nice day!
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