Project Kat Review
Thank you so much for playing our little game!

We hope you can take a few minutes (5 minutes) to answer these questions so that we can make a cooler game!
Please be 100% honest and answer with the first thing that comes to mind!
1) How enjoyable was the game? *
"Wow I really want to play more"
2) What did you feel during the game? *
3) What was the most frustrating moment of what you just played? (You can name multiple) *
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4) What was your favorite moment/aspect of what you just played? (You can name multiple) *
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5) Was there anything you wanted to do but you couldn't? *
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6) If you had a magic wand to wave, and you could change, add, or remove anything from the game, what would it be? *
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7) How would you describe what happened in the story of the game? *
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8) Have you ever played an rpg horror game before or anything similar? (Ib, Mad Father, Witch's House, One Shot, Undertale, etc) *
9) If you have, which one(s) did you play (or watch)
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10) Name a game you have played that is most similar to Project Kat. *
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11) Did you feel like your choices matter? *
12) Was the story predictable? If so, which parts were predictable? *
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13) What do you think happened to Kat and the girls? *
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