Please enter the score for *each* game that you play. Enter score from **YOUR POINT OF VIEW.** If you won a game then your score should begin with something like 21 or 22 (e.g. 21-18). If you lost a game then your score should end with with something like 21 or 22 (e.g. 17-21).

**NOTE: Please enter your score then a dash and then your opponents score (e.g. 21-18).

IF YOU ARE A SUB - answer the first question by selecting the person for whom you are subbing.

Please enter the scores right after the game is finished if possible! You can use someone else's phone as long as you remember to answer YOUR NAME for the first question.
Who is entering this score? *
What pickleball court were you on? *
Enter your game score *exactly* in this format 21-15 or 15-21 from YOUR point of view. USE THE HYPHAN. NO SPACES. *
Who was your partner for this game? *
(OPTIONAL) Do you know of any weeks you will miss your league match? If so, please list below any/all that you know of today, and please provide corresponding names of any subs that you know now that you will use. OR if you have anything you want to tell me you can also enter it here.
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