UNM M&S UGrad Assessment F16: STAT 427
Please answer the questions below regarding your mathematics or statistics concentration and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).

Please refer to this rubric for self-assessment: http://www.math.unm.edu/~blair/UGrad_assessment_Stat_rubric.pdf

Please provide your assessment from the semester of your mastery of the following SLOs based on a 5-point scale from 1-Unacceptable to 3-Satisfactory to 5-Excellent.
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Stat SLO A.1
Correctly analyze and interpret the results from standard designed experiments, sample surveys, and observational studies, understand the limitations of the procedures and the appropriate scope of conclusions.
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Stat SLO B.1
Implement basic computer science skills needed for statistics, including a) data management tools, and b) use of a statistical software package for standard analyses.
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Stat SLO B.2
Demonstrate competence in data management, summarizing, and plotting using a high-level statistical programming language (such as R, SAS, or Stata).
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