Call for Exhibitors, Tablers for the City's First Urban Soils, Art, & Harvest Festival!
This first annual Soils Festival. Come build it with us! It will be a place for the artists, scientists, urban farmers, educators, landscape architects, architects, practitioners from diverse sectors, to come together, show their work, what they’re exploring, to engage the public with demos or interactive activities, to offer and probe new ideas, to forge collaborations.

Bring your installation or project, music, performance, your passion. Bring the fruit of your labor. Bring ideas. Be bold. Ask questions, collect data.
Community gardeners, farmers, students: bring your harvest! Share the bounty!

Criteria: We ask that all exhibitors offer interactive activities (demos, workshop, or other forms of interaction) with their tabling or exhibit.
Audience: open to the public of all ages.

More Information and pictures available here:

Saturday, October 12th, 11am-7pm
Gateway National Park, Floyd Bennett Field:
Ecology Village, Building 70, Campsite Trail,
Brooklyn, NY 11234

Fee: For profit or not-for profits that are larger than 3 employees will be charged a fee of $100.
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