PAT Bargaining Committee Interest Form
In preparation for our next round of bargaining with the District, the PAT is preparing to convene a Bargaining Committee.

The Bargaining Committee will be a larger group than the Bargaining Team, and will likely require less time commitment. Members of the Bargaining Committee can expect to meet regularly during the time in which PAT is developing bargaining proposals, and throughout the bargaining process, but will not necessarily be present for bargaining sessions. The role of the Committee will be to help develop and vet bargaining proposals, and to develop surveys/gather input from different membership groups to guide the work of the Bargaining Team.

We are seeking to create a diverse and representative Bargaining Committee that includes educators from every grade-band and from various job types; that is diverse in terms of race, gender, and age; and that includes educators from all corners of the city.

If you are interested in being directly involved in our Bargaining process as a member of the Bargaining Committee, please fill out this Interest Form. From the set of all who are interested, we will create a committee that is as diverse and balanced as possible.

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