ASCILITE Digital Equity SIG Event Poll
Share your ideas for topics and dates for an end-of-year event for the Digital Equity Special Interest Group (SIG).

This event would take place over one week, fully online. It would likely involve a daily blog post on the ASCILITE TEL-all blog ( and additional events such as Twitter discussions, live streamed discussions or presentations, and more.

You can find more information about the event and proposal in this Google Doc:

The event will run over one week, fully online. When do you think it should run?
What topics should the event cover? Please choose as many as you like and add any additional topics you are interested in.
Would you be willing to facilitate or coordinate some of the event? If so, please include your contact details.
Your answer
Please share any ideas or suggestions for the event (suggested speakers, discussion topics, etc).
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Thank you!
Your contributions are greatly appreciated.
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