Meadows Open Gold DofE enrolment
Thank you for your interest in Meadows Open Gold DofE. Please complete this form honestly and realistically. You (the participant) should fill out this form – not your parents (although anyone is welcome to help you). In the end you will be the one doing the award, and you need the motivation to do this.

Data Protection:
The information supplied on this form will be stored securely online by Meadows Open Gold DofE and will only be accessible to our DofE Leaders. It will be used for the purposes of administering the group and for arranging activities.
Your name, email address, date of birth and eDofE ID number will be shared with The Duke of Edinburgh's Award and The City of Edinburgh Council for the purposes of enrolling you for your DofE programme.

After you have completed this enrolment form you will have to pay the current enrolment and registration fee. We will not process your enrolment application until you have made payment.
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