"Our Story" Series Questionnaire
We are creating a new series of articles covering multiple polyamorous topics where we will anonymously share the stories of a variety of individuals within the polyamorous community so that we may better represent the collective (showing our similarities and differences).

Each question in this questionnaire will be turned into a separate article within the "Our Story" series. We are collecting everyone's answers to put together to form these articles. To celebrate our diversity. Please answer each question the way you hope it will appear in our article (no personal information - real names, birth dates, etc.). All stories must be 100% anonymous to make sure everyone's privacy is respected.

Please follow instructions for each question!

In 2-6 sentences, describe your saddest moment with polyamory. *
Share some of your best resources! What has best influenced, impacted, benefitted you? (Please share at least 1, and no more than 5, website/article links, book titles, documentaries, etc.) *
In 2-6 sentences, explain the most important lesson you've learned through your polyamorous journey. *
In 2-6 sentences, explain how you came into the idea of polyamory (how you realized you were polyamorous or found polyamory). *
In 2-6 sentences, describe the worst mistake you've made during your polyamorous journey. *
In 2-6 sentences, describe your happiest moment with polyamory. *
In 2-6 sentences, what is a piece of advice you'd like to give to polyamorous newcomers? *
In 2-6 sentences, tell your "coming out" story (your first time coming out, your most memorable time coming out, or the one that impacted you the most, etc.) *
In 2-6 sentences, describe your funniest moment with polyamory. *
In 2-6 sentences, describe a particular experience you've had during your polyamorous journey that you feel best expresses your idea of polyamory. *
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