MAZES and LABYRINTHS of the future

Currently we are working with UMAZE, an app that allows you to create:
1. ACCURATE mazes and labyrinths to be enjoyed OUTDOORS. For example you can create them on back gardens (in homes or companies), at the beach, in camping areas, public areas (parks, city squares), school playgrounds and even in outdoor pools (as long as the players know how to swim, that is your responsibility)

2. UMAZE utilizes one of the main features of the Galileo Satellite System: HIGH ACCURACY (approx. 30cm) much better than GPS.

3. UMAZE possesses:

4. UMAZE offers an OPPORTUNITY for you to create your own mazes and labyrinths on your mobile phone

5. With UMAZE you can enjoy by yourself and with others mazes and labyrinths, with the certainty that you will enjoy them safely anywhere at anytime

LISTENING to YOU is the most important aspect for UMAZE
10 questions in less than 5 minutes to tailor UMAZE according to your visions. Your answers are voluntary and all data is anonymous. Furthermore we do not save any information that could identify you.

If you want to be more involved and informed about UMAZE efforts, then visit our website: The persons who register on our website ( are invited to help us to take key design decisions with us, in the development of UMAZE.

We want UMAZE to be USEFUL, MEANINGFUL and ENJOYABLE for you. Additionally, by enrolling in our website you will have access to the beta version. :-)

Thank you for your participation beforehand, and let’s experience many mazes and labyrinths!

UMAZE’s team

1. What is your age? *
2. Your gender?
3. What is your current working situation? *
4. What is your country of residence? *
5. How important is it for you to play... *
A lot / a great deal
Only a little
Not at all
It does not apply
... with your FRIENDS?
... with your FAMILY?
... with your PARENTS?
... with your CHILDREN?
... with STRANGERS? * example in public spaces as in fairs
... alone?
6. Why labyrinths and mazes can be interesting for you? (more than one reason is possible) *
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Another reason why mazes and labyrinths can be interesting?
Your answer
7. Imagine you create a maze or labyrinth on your mobile phone utilizing UMAZE. The maze will show up as a layer above a map (see the example on the photo). Please rank how important are the following UMAZE's features for you? *
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Very important
Somehow important
Somehow unimportant
Create my own maze or labyrinth in the outdoor space I want to play it
Share the maze or labyrinth I produce with other players
That the maze or labyrinth I create be precise
To have access to historical information related to mazes and labyrinths
To learn some problem solving and mathematics related to mazes and labyrinths
Another feature that UMAZE should consider?
Your answer
8. How would you pay for UMAZE? *
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
By paying the app at most 99 cents
By paying the app at most 5 euros
The app should be free, the money should come from advertisement in the app
The app should be free and if there is publicity, I would pay to avoid having publicity.
Buying other digital goods
Pay extra services offered by the app, for example instructional material
By monthly or annual subscription
Another suggestion on how would you support this effort?
Your answer
9. How would you prefer to be contacted in reference to our app *
10. Other comment or suggestion you would like to give?
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