HFM 2021 Vendor Application "Summer Market Only"
We do accept applications all season long. Confrimations start in February.
Note: Each vendor is required to supply your own tent, tent weights, table, etc., supplies, signage, licenses and Liability insurance if you are a food vendor.
Returning Vendors with their applications in by Feburary 1st will have priority.
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All vendors - Required information - *
You are required to provide a copy of licenses, certifications and HFM required forms. Add the information with form or upon HFM vendor approval. Also post them in your stalls.
Liability Insurance: Required by State, City of Hopkins & HFM
If you are selling a consumable product. HFM also requires Liability Insurance naming Hopkins Farmers Market as the Certificate Holder. More information is located on our website. If you do not have it ready now you can hand one in before market day begins.
ST19, state sales tax #
You can find the form on our website.
FMNP# Farmers Market Nutrition Program, WIC Produce vendors only.
Please enter your current this season's #
LICENSE or CERTIFICATION - if you are required to carry. *
Choose ALL that applies. You will be required to submit a copy upon application approval.
Which category fits you best? *
Do you require electricity or a generator?
We have limited supply, not all requesting will be able to get it. If not you will need to provide a generator.
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Please list your specific products. *
Unless items are listed and approved, you may be instructed to remove them from your table. Additions to this list should be submitted in writing and approved by the HFM board.
Where do you produce or manufacture your products?
Where have you sold your products in the past or are currently selling your items?
Farmers markets, website, retail or wholesale.
Please select the vendor type you are applying for. *
DAILY - $35 per each stall per each scheduled market day.     Requirements: Must commit to a minimum of 3 market days.  Vendor accepted on product type and space available basis. Assigned space, no voting privileges. FULL TIME VENDOR - $600. per each stall. All dates. Voting privileges.
Quantity of stalls you are requesting? 10' x 10' each. Must stay within your stall space.
Note: No stalls are owned or permanent. We will assign stalls and try our best to keep you in or near your regular spot/s. This notice is due to HFM using a "public lot" and unforeseen situations and or special events, stall availability, vendor products, seniority, membership and date of applications. Therefore you may be required to move or adjust on any given day of market without notice.
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*FULL TIME Vendors - Select your ATTENDING DATES ONLY. *DAILY VENDORS Select Requesting dates.
Week 1, June 19, 2021
Opening Day
Week 2, June 26
Week 3, July 3
Week 4, July 10
Week 5, July 17
Week 6, July 24
Week 7, July 31
Week 8, August 7
Week 9, August 14
Week 10, August 21
Week 11, August 28
Week 12, September 4
Week 13, September 11
Week 14, September 18
Week 15, September 25
Week 16, October 2
Week 17, October 9
Week 18, October 16
Week 19, October 23
Week 20, October 31
Calculate Fees for your market date/s requested. *
DAILY VENDOR - $35 per each stall per each scheduled market day. *Note: Payments are Non-Refundable................................... FULL TIME VENDOR $30 X___ qty stalls x 20 dates = Total Stall Fees Due.
Enter estimated Total amount due upon approval.
Calculate Fees for your market dates requested. Upon approval you will be notified amount due. Then please MAIL PAYMENTS & Required documents TO: Hopkins Farmers Market, 10091 Pilgrim Way, Maple Grove, MN 55369.
"If your selected dates are unavailable, would you like to be placed on a Waiting List and or our On Call List?"
Who will operate and be responsible for your stand at market?
It is required to have an adult tending your stall
Do you have any special needs or requirements from HFM?
If so please explain. Note, we do not supply tents, tables, chairs. You are required to supply your own.
We have a Vendor Listing on our website. Please select which of your links you would like attached.
Please provide an Emergency Contact;
Name, phone & relationship.
Please provide a business or personal reference, we may contact.
Contact Name, Phone, Address and relationship,
I am willing to volunteer for Hopkins Farmers Market
Have you ever been convicted of a crime or on a "watch list"?
Clear selection
If yes, please explain.
"I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Vendor Guide & Rules of Operation, Mission Statement and By Laws of the Hopkins Farmers' Market. I also understand that I am agreeing to our No Soliciting Policy. And further understand by not following the market rules and expectations my stall can be declined at any time. Also, by signing this you agree to HFM using your name and or picture onto our social network; facebook & website. NO SOLICITING, INAPPROPRIATE, OFFENSIVE MATERIAL & NO PETS ALLOWED."
"The documents Mission Statement, By Laws and Vendor Guide & Rules of Operation are obtained on our website or by requesting copies. Also, by signing this you agree to HFM using your name and or picture onto our social network; facebook & website."
PARKING Please save parking nearby for our customers. *
Vendors are NOT ALLOWED TO PARK in the market lot attached lot or on 9th Avenue without special permission.
VENDOR AGREEMENT: Advertising & Promotions - Participating & Sharing your photo or information. ALL PROMOTION VENDOR REIMBURSEMENTS WILL BE ( CHECK BY EMAIL ) Checks made out to Contact Name and emailed to your email address. *
Please read our Ad & Promo sheet and Events located on our website. **** IF YOU ARE PRODUCE OR FOOD VENDOR = EBT MARKET BUCKS - YOU MUST ALSO FILL OUT THE VENDOR AGREEMENT. Located on our website.
Enter in the name or business name: "Payee" you want your Vendor Reimbursement check/s written out to: *
Email address you want your Vendor Reimbursement check/s sent to. *
This application does not guarantee acceptance to the HFM Market. *
Please do not mail in payments or documents until approved.
Oversize vechicle? Please explain. Truck, Trailer, Length, etc.
You will be emailed your responses and a pdf document of your application.
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