Parent/carer survey
At Totton College we want to ensure that all students have a good learning experience and achieve their potential through their chosen course. We would really appreciate you giving a few minutes of your time to completing this survey.
GDPR statement
We are collecting information about your impression of Totton College from the perspective of a parent, carer or adult responsible for the wellbeing of one or more of our students. This is in order to improve our service to you and future students. In this particular survey we are not collecting your name or email address by default, though you may choose to provide these. We will only be able to identify you if you choose to provide these details. Note that we will only be able to respond to you directly if you provide your details. We may wish to respond to you, for example to obtain more details if you believe that a student is unsafe at College.

We store your responses on Google's secure servers for up to five years and we may also use 3rd party tools to analyse results. Other than this we will not share your responses with anyone else and we will certainly never sell your information.

By completing and submitting this form you agree to Nacro's privacy policy ( and give us permission to securely store your responses. If you have any questions about this please contact our Data Protection Officer at
Section 1. About the young person
We refer to "the young person" as opposed to "your son or daughter" in respect of the range of responsible adults who may wish to provide us with feedback.
How long has the young person been at Totton College? *
Which best describes the young person? *
Section 2. The young person at College
1. The young person is happy at College *
2. The young person feels safe at College *
3. The young person is making good progress at College *
4. I receive valuable information about the young person's progress *
5. The College responds well to my concerns *
Section 3. Your opinion of us
6. Would you recommend us to another parent? *
7. What do you like best about the College and the education we provide?
8. Is there anything else you'd like to comment on?
Section 4. About you
This section is not required. However we may wish to follow up on information you have given us. You are absolutely free to remain anonymous, but we can only respond to you personally if you choose to provide contact details. It is important that we can get back to you if you believe a young person is unsafe at College.
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