Karavaan Science Events Registration
*Science Stand-up Comedy

Think you're funny? Pick any MAD topic even remotely Science-y (e.g: A Scientific Beach Party) and try to make the judges laugh. Or unleash your set of nerd jokes and try to entertain the nerdy audience. Entry free.


Do you think you can survive a shipwreck? See if you will float or sink in this event.
You will be given the role of a famous scientist or a personification of something science-y, stuck in a sinking ship. To make it out alive you will need to get a life jacket but the ship is all out of life jackets. Lucky for you, the captain declares that he’ll give his life jacket to anyone who deems themselves worthy. CAN YOU convince the Captain in the most innovative way for ‘Why you deserve the life jacket over everyone else in the ship’? Entry free.

***Junkyard Wars

Use science as your glue to create something new,
make contraptions from junk that are pleasing to you!
In this event, participants make contraptions out of everyday junk objects that can fulfill a goal (for e.g. hold a certain amount of weight). The structure that reaches the mark most effectively using the least amount of useful and most amount of useless materials gets the prize. Registration Fees - Rs. 20


In the vein of something truly science-y, test your ability to cook up the most absurd, out-of-the-world hypotheses, given an everyday observation or two. Entry free.

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