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We’re excited you are interested in working with us! Below we have crafted a form that is a list of things we need to fully understand in order to accurately bid and conceptualize the project for you. It may feel a little daunting, but it will help us out tremendously to know these things about you and your project.

If it seems too impersonal, or overwhelming, that’s ok too. Shoot us an email, or give us a call. We’re always excited to talk to new folks.

All of the fields below are optional, with the exceptions of the ones that aren’t… Name, email, and contact info… That’s pretty important. So tell us as much or as little as you’d like, and we’ll get back to you.

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Describe what your brand means
List 5 descriptive words. For example: honest, quirky, adaptable, smart, relevant, etc.
What is your mission statement?
If you don't have one, why does your business exist? And for whom?
Describe your typical customer or target audience
What do they do for a living? How did they find you? What are their values?
Who are your key competitors?
List at least 3 names and websites.
How should your website look and feel?
Examples: warm & welcoming, edgy, modern, crisp, easy to navigate, professional, clean, etc.
Please provide websites that exemplify the look and feel you'd like to achieve
List at least 3 names and websites
What do you want people to do on your website specifically?
List in order of importance. For example: make a purchase, become a member, etc.
What would the first draft of a sitemap for your website be?
What pages and sections of content are important to the success of your business? What information do your visitors need to have a special experience on your site?
Is the content already complete for this site? If not, how soon do you anticipate having it ready?
This includes body copy (text), photos, videos, and anything else you'd like to incorporate into the site.
What are all the functions your site requires?
We realize you might not have all of this sorted out yet, but some examples are: shopping cart, member access, email automation, etc.
Do you have any design element, color or font preferences?
Tell us about them here.
Is there anything else you want to share about your business and goals that we haven't covered here?
Please upload any files you'd like to share with us. Logo files, style guides, or anything else you think is important.
Do you have a deadline for completion of this project?
How rigid or flexible is it?
Do you have a specific budget in mind for this project?
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