Artists Who Allow Studio Visits
I travel a lot and love to visit local artists, but have trouble connecting with them. I think it is true for most people and we end up going to tourist galleries. So I am compiling a list of artists by region who allow tourists and collectors to visit their studios by appointment or offer general hours for studio visits. You may also list your information if you don't have a studio but would be willing to meet with an art lover and talk about your work.

The idea is to link your studio with a, and then local blogs and tourism bureaus. It is a fun project, initially, I will focus on a couple of regions depending on where the sign up traffic comes from.

The site is live and will begin posts soon! We are on a first come first served basis, so please respond when we email you!

Also if you are an Art Blogger, or would like to be a social media Intern (we will work with your school or college for credit) we would love to get your information too! We can give you an account, or your could be a guest blogger and cross post. Put your info below and include web-based references too.

Email for further inquiries is

Since it is not funded by ads, I have created a Patreon site
There are opportunities to fund your own post, but you are encouraged to get local businesses and travel bureau to fund and promote it respectively since it will them too!

The is the brain child of JohnArt Media at he will promote it through social media here:

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