Lanark Street-Design Survey
Lanark Street-Design Survey
The Fineview Citizens Council, in partnership with City of Bridges Community Land Trust, will be developing affordable housing on Lanark Street. We are asking residents who live nearby to share your n four areas: 1) Streetscape Design; 2) House Size; 3) Target Market; 4) Parking & Site Amenities. Community input is absolutely essential to our development process. We will work hard to incorporate as much community feedback as possible while meeting our affordability goals.
The deadline for your survey to be calculated into our final results is Monday, July 12, 2021.
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What type of exterior streetscape design do you prefer? *
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Do you prefer original window and door placement and sizes? *
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Size and location are key factors for buyers. We cannot change the location, but we can incorporate certain design features that will accommodate a wide range of life styles. What type of buyer do you think these homes should be designed to attract? Mark one to three ovals, or choose the last oval only. *
How many bedrooms should the homes have? *
How many bathrooms? *
The yellow lots will be new housing; the blue will be renovated housing. The following homes will help guide placement of the new housing.
Do you prefer homes that are attached or detached? *
How important is off street parking?
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Do you use Lanark Street in your daily commute, or to access Fineview Park? Check all that apply. *
If you use Lanark Street, please check all that apply *
If you use Lanark Street, what can be done to increase pedestrian safety and improve cleanliness in and around Lanark Street. For example, should it be a one-way street?
Do you know what a community land trust is?
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Are you interested in learning more about our housing goals? *
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