CR Los Santos Police Department Application Form
If you wish to become a police officer, please fill out the following application form. You will be contacted in-game if your application is successful - if you do not hear back, it is most likely because your application was rejected.
All questions must be answered.
Character name *
Character date of birth *
Character's phone number *
Character's backstory *
Character's criminal history (a background check will be run, so answer honestly) *
Character's previous employment history *
Why do you want to join LSPD? *
Do you have experience in police (eg: in another city)? Give details. *
What would you like to achieve in LSPD? *
Do you have any references from current serving LSPD personnel? If so, name them and, if they've done so, provide the written reference they gave you. *
Do you understand that approval of this application only qualifies you for an interview, it does not guarantee a position in LSPD? *
Your Steamname *
Your Discord name (Discord is required) *
Your TeamSpeak name (TeamSpeak is required) *
Your email address (required to access the LSPD Hub for documentation access) *
Your real age
Time spent on the server (also state if you are new - being new will not exclude you from application approval) *
List any other characters you have and their current employment - if none, state 'none' *
List any gang/organisation affiliations or major crime figures on any and all of your characters, if applicable - if none state 'none' *
If you are successfully employed by LSPD, how active do you expect to be? *
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