Youth Activities Survey
The AFC Fylde Community Foundation, working in partnership with Great Eccleston Parish Council, are looking to consult with the community of Great Eccleston to develop a new and innovative youth engagement project, which truly meets the needs of the local community.

The AFC Fylde Community Foundation and Great Eccleston Parish Council would welcome the opportunity to consult with local residents in order to find out what type of activities young people in Great Eccleston would like to take part in, in addition to activities that are currently delivered in Great Eccleston.

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Do you live in the village of Great Eccleston? *
If you are a Parent/Guardian of a child/children who live in Great Eccleston , how old are they? *
If your children currently take part in any evening based activities in Great Eccleston, can you please indicate what type of activities they take part in, and on what nights
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Do you, as a parent believe there is enough youth provision in Great Eccleston?
If the answer to the above question is no, can you please describe why you feel this way?
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What type of new provision would you like to see take place in Great Eccleston, specifically focusing on new activities which are not taking place currently? Please list no more than three activities.
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Do you feel the community of Great Eccleston would benefit from both sports and youth club activities, delivered on a regular basis?
If your Son/Daughter were to take part in youth club based activities, what would they like to take part in? Please list three activities.
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How much would you be willing to pay for youth based activities in Great Eccleston?
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How do you feel a youth club/youth club activities based in Great Eccleston will benefit the community?
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If community facilities were to be developed in Great Eccleston, what type of facilities do you believe will benefit the community of Great Eccleston?
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