The WorcShop's Interest Survey
The WorcShop has EXPANDED! You can show your interest by taking our interest survey! We are looking for people to express an interest in using our $2 mil in tools and equipment and/or lease some of our 30,000 sq/ft available-for-rent industrial art space. Please complete the survey below to express your interest in becoming part of our community!

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The Facility - The WorcShop has found a new location that perfectly suits our need to grow, while allowing us to make the long term investment into purchasing property. At over 50,000 sqft, aituated on 4+ acres of land, the former Worcester Tool & Stamping Co. building has been a piece of local industrial history for nearly 100 years.  Our team at the WorcShop is excited to preserve the legacy of this wonderful manufacturing space & build a lasting home for our members with the freedom to pursue projects large & small.
Floor Plan - Zones 3, 4, 10, 2A & a few other spots throughout the building are currently allocated for rental spaces. Zones 3 & 4, each have the capability for separate entrances & individual loading docks & are available as the entire 9,000 sqft room or can be subdivided into smaller parcels. Zone 2 is currently planned for the main segment of communal shop spaces (welding, metal fabrication, blacksmithing, machining, woodworking, pottery, etc) though some shifting of the layout is likely as we determine individual needs.
Building 10 - WorcSuites (front) WorcSpaces (center) & WorcBays (back)
What kind of space or storage would you be interested in renting? (You can select more than 1 - all space sizes = square feet; Space will only be rented to members - updated 7/15/20, policy since 2016) *
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