Illuminate: A Women's Money Group Program
Welcome! Thanks for expressing your interest in the 5 month group program running from the end Oct 2020 to Mar 2021, it's amazing to have you here.

(Please note the dates for this group are currently tentative dates. It will depend on the participant interest and timezones of the participants for the proposed dates to be confirmed. I will confirm all details with you before you accept your position in the group program or any payments is made.)

*Please excuse any typo's, I'm better with numbers than words ;)

If there's any worries, don't hesitate to contact me at
Full name
Business name
Best contact email
Tell me about your business, what do you do, how long have you been doing it? Could you describe how you currently feel with money and finances? Or maybe list what you are hoping to achieve by doing this program?
There will be some pre-work for the first 4 weeks, to create our Money Type map based on archetypes. Additionally, there will be some work to compilate our Business Money Plans. I will provide a google sheet document in advance and let you know which activities to complete. This is required two days before we catch up for me review this information. Are you happy to do this? Are you familiar with using google sheets?
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Are you able to attend ALL sessions in the the first 4 week block. It is imperative to attend these live. They include the 5th Nov, 12th Nov, 19th Nov and 26th Nov. Proposed time is 6pm Brisbane, 7pm Sydney, 10am Athens, 8am UK. US and afternoon UK times will be added upon request in a separate group.
The second block of 4 sessions is focused on our outer/practical financial work in business. The final three monthly session are a mix of group discussions and Q&A. Are there any dates you can NOT attend? Time of sessions will be always the same, currently set for 7pm Brisbane, 8pm Sydney, 12noon Athens, 10am UK. It is best to attend these live but if that is not possible, you will still be able to catch up on the work.
If there was a preference of start time, as it depends on how the group comes together, do you have a preference other than 7pm Brisbane, 8pm Sydney, 12noon Athens and 10am UK? If you're in the US or prefer an afternoon UK time please state this below. Session will run approximately 90 minutes. At times this may extend to 2 hrs.
Which topics interest you MOST in the second four week block of this program? Or add your own suggestions.
The Price for this group program is $290 AUD per month for 5 months. I ask that you only choose to join this group if this doesn't put you under financial pressure and can commit to the total 5 payments. If this group is currently out of your price range and you would like to leave comments below, please do so and I can contact you with alternative offers.
During this program you will not be asked to share any money memories or stories that make you feel uncomfortable in a group setting. We can email separately about these and use a general term for the experience in the group setting. This program also doesn't replace the need for therapeutic or other practitioner support. If I can see additional support is required, we will speak separately and in instances where this course is not suitable for the impact of your personal experiences I will not charge for future sessions if you need to leave the group, this will be at the rate of total of the 5 payments divided by the 11 sessions. Apart from this situation, refunds are not given and there are no guarantees made for the outcomes of this course. Do you have an questions in regards to this?
I will be sending a confirmation email after I receive your answers to this form. It will include confirmed dates and times for the sessions and a link to a Letter of Engagement that I am required to provide as being a CPA. Please keep an eye out for it. Do you have anything else you'd like to ask or share with me? Thank you for taking the time to fill in this Expression of Interest. Lynda.
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