Sleep-Deprived Mom Game
Hi! I am Maha Bali (@bali_maha on Twitter).

This is a quick game I developed to promote empathy with sleep-deprived moms... because for many moms, sleep deprivation is not a CHOICE. It's a life-style. This is the first such game I ever develop (I think!) so please forgive bugs, glitches, etc. :)

To play this game... pretend you are a mom who has one barely potty-trained child and no nanny (I don't have experience with multiple kids or being a single parent, but I assume it's much harder than this). Try not to make decisions based on any values beyond the need to sleep (so don't think of cry/no-cry sleep patterns or things like whether you prefer to give kids meds or not... I know the choices I offer are limited... but it's just a game developed on a simple platform, to get someone going on the idea, not a perfect representation of reality.. and I created it to see if I think I could assign students a similar choose-your-own-path game to create during the semester).

To play: Keep track of how you feel after each choice; and keep track of how many hours of sleep you lose (I can't figure out how to make the quiz thing give different scores for different answers yet - let me know in the comments at the end if you know how).

Please note there are no correct/incorrect answers - I am just using the correct/incorrect options on the quiz tool to provide different feedback depending on what choices you made... they aren't actually better or worse... you'll see what I mean if you play the game multiple times), and what kind of "feelings" you accumulate based on each choice you make...

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